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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about Family Law in Saskatchewan. Let an experienced Family Lawyer try to answer them!

  • My spouse has been ordered to pay child support, but is not paying, what can I do?"
    If you have a child support order or agreement, you can register it with the Maintenance Enforcement, which can collect child support directly from your spouse. If your spouse continues to refuse to pay, the Maintenance Enforcement Office can suspend their driver’s licence or passport and garnish their wages. If you would like to register with Maintenance Enforcement, you can do so here.
  • My spouse has remarried, do I still pay child support for my children in their care?"
    Very likely. Child support can be paid by more than two parents in the cases where a third adult has stood in the place of a parent to a child. That relationship may create a requirement for support to be paid. In the end, the Court will apportion the amount of support to be paid by each parent depending on their incomes and other factors.
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