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  • Steve Robertson

I don't agree to a relocation of the children. Do I get a say?

Has your spouse told you about an upcoming move, and you are concerned? Children moving can have major implications on decisions, parenting time and relationships. It is a somewhat less common application that, if not handled carefully and correctly, can impact your life and relationship with your children for years to come.

When one parent wants to move the children from their current city or town to a new one, they are required to inform the other parent, and consider how the move will affect their relationship with the children. As of March 1, 2021, The Children's Law Act of Saskatchewan has been updated to provide some requirements for moving with children. The parent wanting to move with the children will need to provide written notice to the other parent. Read more about what you need to do if you want to move with the children [here].

If you receive written notice from the other parent of their intention to move, you must respond to it within 30 days, or they may be authorized to move with the children. You can object to the children moving one of the following ways:

  1. Provide your objection in the form below to the parent who wants to move and file it with the Queen’s Bench Registrar; or

  2. Bring an application to Court objecting to the moving of the children.

Objection to the Relocation of Child
Download PDF • 76KB

If you do need to go to Court, it is commonly held by the Courts that they will not grant interim moves without an extremely good reason, which is why it is critical that you present your story to the Court in the best way possible.

If your spouse has told you that they are moving with the children or you have received written notice of their intention to move with the children, you should speak with a lawyer to find out your rights. It is important to find out how a move might affect you and the parenting time that you have with your children. Contact me today to discuss your options, including preparing new parenting arrangements or objecting to your spouse moving with the children.


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